Counselling & Psychology

At Cadence, we believe in collaborating with our clients to pursue their desired outcome. Whether our clients’ goal is to find resources in facing major life transitions, addressing anxiety, work through an interpersonal / family conflict, or stop problematic behaviour(s), we can help.

At Cadence, we believe in collaborating with our clients to pursue their desired outcome. Whether our clients’ goal is to find resources in facing major life transitions, addressing anxiety, work through an interpersonal / family conflict, or stop problematic behaviour(s), we can help.

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Dustin Reekie

B.Ed., aCE (Special Education), M.Ed., Registered Psychologist, CSAT

My name is Dustin Reekie. I am a registered psychologist.
As a psychologist/psychotherapist I provide services in:

  • Therapy / Counseling
  • Behaviour Intervention help for children, teens, and adults
  • Mediation and Conflict Resolution
  • Family Mediation Certificate – Candidate
  • Justice Institute of British Columbia
  • ADHD and executive functioning support
  • Trauma and Crisis Response
  • Compulsive Behaviour Cessation
  • Addressing Addictions

I am also trained as a:

  • Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist from the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals

My Training Includes:

  • Teaching special education, behaviour programming/interventions, and consulting.
  • I have worked professionally with children, teens, and adults for over 15 years.
  • For nine years, I was a classroom and special education teacher
  • For over six years, I have worked as a Psychologist in the school and private sector.
  • I have also been involved in Crisis Response in various environments.

Currently not accepting new clients

Catherine Kroeger (Darbellay)

M.Ed. , R. Psych (Provisional)

I provide a safe place for you to explore your thoughts, feelings, values, and the life experiences that contributed to them. I can help you discover the underlying issues that interfere with your sense of wholeness and inner peace, build your strengths, and develop healthier coping strategies. As you come to understand yourself, we will create a sense of balance in your life so that you can continue to face life’s challenges more confidently.

Work and Background in the Field: Over the past 10 years I worked with children and adolescents in the welfare system and assisting individuals with a variety of disabilities. Most of my work has been with children, adolescents, young adults, and their families. Together we have addressed trauma and adversity, significant behavioral issues, addictions, and mental health concerns all of which interfere with healthy relationships.

The focus of my studies has included trauma, anxiety, depression/self-harm/suicide ideation, and behavior. Attachment theory is foundational in my understanding of the human person as a relational being that is meant to be thriving in healthy, secure relationships at every stage of life.

My Approach:

The Person as a Whole: I believe in the importance of treating the person as a whole, mind, body, and spirit. This also includes integrating who you were, who you are, and who you want to become to help you feel grounded in your identity and confident in working toward your life goals. This may include evaluating or re-evaluating your values, examining patterns of conflict, identifying your strengths, and challenges to foster your personal growth in the areas of your life that you feel are out of balance or where you feel yourself stagnating.

Relationships: Healthy relationships are central to our emotional and psychological health, which may be why interpersonal difficulties are often at the heart of the matter, including the inner tensions we face. The therapeutic relationship we form is the foundation of our work together. Your sense of security, safety, and trust is essential to me. Like with any other relationship this may mean that we don’t always see eye-to-eye, but navigating these differences can actually strengthen our relationship and facilitate new ways of communicating. It is important to me that you always feel respected and supported in our relationship.

The Value of Perspective: Taking the perspective of another person can be challenging, but often produces a great reward, whether it be letting go of anger, or simply gaining insight into ourselves and others. Context is an important part of understanding the deeper meaning of something. When you share your perspective with me we can explore the difficulties in your life and relationships. Together we can navigate them more effectively, decrease strife and anxiety, and help you acquire a sense of balance. As a counsellor, taking your perspective is part of creating a safe space for you to talk about anything and everything.

Your Story: Everyone has a unique story. Many people feel alone in their struggles and fear judgment and stigmatization. But we all have struggles and conflict. We all experience stress and distress that can make it hard to trust, open up, and allow ourselves to be vulnerable. Your story is important. It is important you feel heard and for me to hear and understand you. Remaining safe with me when you are vulnerable begins your journey toward better understanding and acceptance of self, which can strengthen you in your challenge to grow as an individual and in your relationships.

Jessica Couture

M.Ed, R. Psych (Provisional)

In your time with me, we will explore the thoughts, feelings, and experiences that you wish to share. I will work with you to uncover what it is that may be preventing you from finding joy or satisfaction in your life, and help identify the strengths that you possess. I am here to listen to you, and when you decide it is time, to help you find sustainable solutions to your challenges.

My counselling experience has been broad, which has provided me with a unique skill set that allows me to be self-reflexive and responsive to the needs of a wide variety of clientele. I am trained in suicide intervention, individual and group counselling for adolescents with diagnosed intellectual disabilities, vocational counselling, individual support for adolescents struggling with gender identity, anger management with adults, and also have a background in crisis response with individuals who have experienced physical, sexual, and birth trauma.

I operate from the understanding that we as individuals are each on our own path with different struggles, but also with a distinct set of skills that we can learn to use to our benefit. Foundational in my approach to treatment is the understanding that in order to feel happy and healthy, we must look at the whole person. In my experience, holistic treatment that explores the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects of an individual has proven to be an effective and well-rounded approach. In my work with adolescents and adults, I have practiced cognitive strategies, mindfulness-based methods, and have also used music and art techniques, but what really matters in our work together is that you feel comfortable and secure with me. Whether you are struggling with a specific problem or experience, or are simply feeling “stuck” in life, together we can find a solution for you.